How Bail Works

The Bail Bonds Process


A bail bond is a monetary guarantee to the court that a defendant will appear on time, every time for court while their case is in progress. The Judge in jurisdiction sets the bail according to an agreed schedule. If a defendant fails to show up for trial on the date specified in the bail bond, the courts issue a warrant for the defendant’s arrest for

“jumping bail,” and the amount of the bond will be forfeited to the court. The bail agent is generally authorized by statute to arrest the defendant and bring them back for criminal proceedings.

How do you start a bail bonds process?

Step #1: Call us 24/7 at 804-496-8926 to request a USA Bail Bonds.

The agent will need some information from you in order to start the process and obtain the release of your loved one.

Please have the following information available for the bondsman if possible:

1. Name of Detainee
2. Birth Date of Detainee
3. Location of Arrest
4. Nature of Arrest
5. Amount of Total Bail
6. Payment Method and Additional Information

Once this information is processed our USA Bail Bonds agent will begin the process of obtaining the release for your loved one. Expect release in a matter of hours, usually between 2 and 8 hours depending on the backlog (if any) of cases in that county. Once your loved one has been released, the bond agent will continue to assist in a compassionate and caring manner by offering any additional information that you may need.